another oatmeal bfast

heat chopped apple in water with cinnamon
add oatmeal
and some coconutmeal
optional : some bee pollen (superfood)
when the apple cubes are soft enough and the mush has a good sticky texture,
scatter it in a nice bowl and strew goji berries over it


fruity nutty Breakfast with banana”milk”

This Breakfast was heavenly!

– fresh fruit (for ex kiwi, apple, melon, orane, banana, …)
– dried super-fruit-food : dried mulberries and goji berries
– some nuts

the dried mulberries kinda give it a crueslyfeeling ^^

At first I wanted to mix it with almondmilk but then I had the idea of making bananamilk.
just put banana in the blender with water and blind it in a food blender till it is a lily white drink.
Now you can pour it over your fruit.
Last but not least, sprinkle the dried fruit and the nuts on top of the fresh fruit.
Enjoy! 🙂