Onion-nuts-herbs biscuit


Taste explosion allert!

Eases hunger very well.
This snack is made from
-Onion (2 large onions)
-pine nuts (approx 40 gram)
-sesame seed (approx 40 gram
-herbs (botanico mix)
-coconut oil

At first slice the onions with a mandoline and blend the pine nuts in a blender.
Mix the onions, pine nuts and sesame seed in a large bowl and add the herbs.
I used the ORAC botanico-mix from AMAN PRANA. (super food. www. noble-house.tk)
(sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme, szechuan pepper, turmeric, sumac, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, mustard seed, sweet pepper, coriande seed, lavender, …) But you can use whatever spice mix you like.
Warm some coconut oil in the microwave and pour it over the onion-sesame-pine nuts- herbs mixture.
Spread out the mixture on a plate with aluminium foil and put it in a preheated oven or use a dehydrator.
To flip, I place a tray on top, flip, and let it float back in the oven.
You’ll see when it’s starting to get brown and dry enough.
Then let the biscuit cool down on a new aluminium foil and conserve in the fridge.
The next morning your onion cake will have a nice texture.
I like to tear pieces of it whenever I feel the need for a small craving.
It helps me to avoid this kind of situations :



Date – pecan – cacao balls

11083696_353376364856245_5550747565976326663_oThese are sooooo good!

-dates, Medjool
-raw pure cacao powder

Split one side of each Medjool date lengthwise and remove the pit.
Cut the dates in small pieces and put them in a blender.
For 100 grams of dates ad 30 grams of pecans.
Blend blend blend!
Aterwards you can take small portions of this sticky mass and form little balls.
Eventually you may want to roll them in cacao powder.
De Li Cious !! 🙂